Overlay Placement Help Needed

I’m starting my first episode story and I’ve been trying to figure out how to place an overlay but I can’t seem to get it! I’ve been using the overlay spot director and moving it to where I want it to go. When I go to preview my episode it will only show the background and overlay and none of my characters or dialogue will show up. I believe it’s stuck so I can’t move to the next scene as I can’t tap anything. The only way I can get the scene to play is by clicking the skip ten lines button and going back.

The highlighted part is where I think the problem is. If someone could tell me if I placed something in the wrong place or I’m doing something wrong please tell me! I don’t want to give up on my story and I really want to learn how to fix this.

Try adding this

with WHITEDESK to 2.189 6 8 in zone 1 at layer 20

And delete the three lines of overlay commands

It seems to work tysm!!

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