Overlay placing help for class room and desk

INT. CLASSROOM FRONT - DAY with DESK 14 to 1.000 -2 2 with DESK 13 1.000 -320 0 in zone 1 with DESK 12 to 1.000 -320 2 in zone 1 with DESK 11 to 1.000 -316 7
&overlay DESK 13 moves to layer -3
&overlay DESK 12 moves to layer -2
&overlay DESK 14 moves to layer 0
&overlay DESK 11 moves to layer 1
&zoom reset
&cut to zone 2
No matter what I do I can not get the overlays to stay where I put them. And I tried a lot of ways before comeing here and asking for help
These are the overlays

This is the classroom INT. CLASSROOM FRONT - DAY
Can someone just make me a tempelate I can use for them. They will be used in a lot of the story.

Never mind I got it guys :slight_smile:

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