Overlay placing: I need help

Hi, I’m a beginner writer and I can’t place this overlay. It’s the RED COP LIGHT overlay which I want to use for my character to blush. But I can’t see the overlay and I have no idea how to place it in her face. Can someone help me please?

It might be because you forgot the s in shifts

Well, you just need to make it smaller 'cause Episode made it big size. Just scale it to the minimum you need and then shift to the place it needs to be.

Oh thanks. Another question, how can i let the overlay fade in and fade out so it really looks likes she’s blushing?

I did that but now I don’t see the overlay anymore.

Here, I usually use it that size on my characters. Try it
@overlay RED COP LIGHT scales to 0.025 0.025

You need to use “opacity” for that.
@opacity RED COP LIGHT 0 in 0 (so we can’t see it at the beginning.)
@opacity RED COP LIGHT 1 in 1 (it will fade in) You can make more seconds if you want to.

@overlay RED COP LIGHT opacity 0 in T

0 being invisible and 1 being visible
And T is the time

Thanks for the help! It worked!

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Solved and closed. Thanks all!