Overlay please i need help

Could someone Make the car front an overlay in order for me to be able to place my characters between the car front and the overlay itself.

What you can do is put this overlay over the current one and then put characters in there


if you align the overlays, you wont be able to see the crappy lines

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thank you so much and how do i align it

use the overlay helper, scale and shift to where you want, and then copy that to your script

okay, thank you could you pls do the other car

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thank u girl

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Just to let you know, the Ferrari won’t be approved when uploaded as it has their logo on the car.
Also, not sure where you got that image, but just a note that if it’s from google/pinterest etc, they aren’t always copyright free, in which case, if they aren’t free for commercial use, you could get into trouble for using them.

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oh it was already approved i got it from a copyright free site

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thank you tho.

:rofl::rofl: Okay, nevermind lol. Though that’s highly unusual. Nothing is meant to have a logo on it.

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ikkkkkk i was surprised too but it didn’t approve the other ones i got from pinterest and google :roll_eyes: :joy: :joy:

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