Overlay please?

Hey!! Guys
I want someone who can make the carriage in the photo an overlay
I know its very time consuming as I tried doing it but can’t seem to complete it because I’m very lazy…
So, whoever does this I will give you credit in my story and if you want you can be a character in my story as well
Here’s the picture–

Thanks in advance…


So u just need the carriage?

Yup just the carriage not the background…

Can I try? And what about the windows? U can still see the trees.

But when you make an overlay you can remove anything that you don’t want there…
I made some…
So, as far as I know we can remove the trees as well from there.
And yes Of course you can try…

I’ll try it now.

Thank you!!

So, are you able to do it??


I just have the wheel part left then it’s done

Oh… Thank you so much…

Do u want to see it now?

If its completed then why not??

It’s not completed yet. Only the wheels then it’s done.

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Thank you very MUCH
Please tell me where I should or on which name I should credit you and if you also want to be a character in my story please leave your details down below…
Just so you know (if you want to be a character) then
Please have natural coloured air as in chestnut, black no dyed ones (please)
And you can have any eyes except the white eyes

@SilverStar are you done???

be patient :slight_smile: I’m sure she’ll share it once she finish

Yeah!!! Sure…
Sorry for sounding so impatient @SilverStar
Please take your time…

Sorry… I needed to go somewhere and just got back. :sweat_smile: I’ll finish it in a while.

I’m done. Sorry for the delay :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: