Overlay png background showing

Hi everyone. I uploaded a png cupcake to my account but when i preview it the checkered background isn’t transparent. Have i done something wrong?


Post the png here

Some Images are labelled as PNG but actually aren’t. This usually happens when searching for images on google :grimacing: I would advise using a free site for png images (off the top of my head I can’t think of any lol sorry)


That’s what I uploaded Atreus.

That makes sense Jade.epi thanks :smile:

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Pixabay is a good website and oh, I get what you mean XD

Those checkered boxes behind the cupcake :sweat_smile:

Here you go:


You can upload this into overlays and use it instead, since it doesn’t come with the checkered background.

Just to let ya know pixabay.com has lots of cupcake png. (free for commercial use) :wink::tulip:

Thank you so much!! :smiley:

Thank you

No problem :smile_cat: