Overlay Positioning Not Working

Hello, does anyone know what might be going on? My overlays that I’ve recently imported will not stay in the position that I want them in. I brought them in as PNG’s per usual, which uploaded to the overlay library just fine. But when I bring the overlays over to my story and position them where I want them, and copy/ paste the @overlay coding to my script, and save the overlay just reverts right back to the position it was in before. I get an error message stating the copied @overlay information isn’t a valid command. How can that be when it’s the exact copied coordinates of the overlay? It’s like the system doesn’t recognize the overlay or is rejecting it.

I bring my overlays over from Photoshop. One thing I noticed is that if I don’t alter the color of the overlay in Photoshop, and bring it over to Episode as a PNG the overlay positioning will stay where I place it in the story. So does this mean I can never alter the color of my overlays? That’s very limiting. I’ve altered the color on all my past overlays and they worked just fine. Episode support techs don’t seem to want to help.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue for me? Do I need to save altered color overlays in a different way in Photoshop? Any advice will help. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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do you have a SS?

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Once you add the overlay, you have to use ‘copy’ not ‘copy stage’.


@overlay OVERLAY create
@overlay OVERLAY opacity 1

Once you click the blue ‘copy’ button something similar to this should be copied and you can paste it into your script.

@overlay OVERLAY shifts to # in zone #
@overlay OVERLAY scales to #
@overlay OVERLAY moves to layer #

Below you can see what I mean when I say click ‘Copy’ instead of ‘Copy Stage’ when using overlays.


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Do you have the word “AND” in your overlay name? If you have the word “AND” in your overlay’s name, you’ll get the “invalid command” error if you try to shift/scale/etc the overlay in the script. This is because the script thinks you are trying to use the “and” command. If this is your issue, you’ll have to reupload the overlay with a different name, either without the word “and” or use underscores (ex: BOOK PENCIL or BOOK_AND_PENCIL)

If this is not your issue, please post a screenshot of your script so we can see if there’s anything wrong with your coding.

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OMG!! @Dara.Amarie thank you so much!!! You solved my issue. I did have the word “AND” in my overlay title. As soon as I took that out it worked just fine! I appreciate you so much, and everyone who gave me input. I was so sad that I couldn’t continue my story. Thank you everyone!! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::heart::heart:

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