Overlay preview problem?


I’m doing a scene where two characters are across from each other at a booth and the table shifts slightly each time the character view changes and everytime i preview it in the web previewer, the overlay cuts right to the next position totally fine. However, when I preview on my phone, when it cuts to the other character, the overlay flashes to the previous position and then back to normal making it look choppy. I don’t know if it’s just a mobile glitch and everything will look fine once i publish? but idk.

here’s the script:

MC (talk_sit_doubtful)
We need a plan.

@zoom on 0 363 to 166% in 0
&remove MC
&overlay 6144983486562304_COFFEE TABLE shifts to -101 -63
&overlay 6144983486562304_COFFEE TABLE scales to 1.252 1.252
&overlay COFFEE TABLE moves to layer 5
&ARI spot 1.280 77 61 and ARI is idle_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop
&ARI moves to layer 2

    ARI (talk_sit_shrug_neutral)
You're being over dramatic.

@zoom on 291 358 to 170% in 0
&remove ARI
&overlay 6144983486562304_COFFEE TABLE shifts to 76 -49
&overlay 6144983486562304_COFFEE TABLE scales to 1.252 1.252
&MC spot 1.280 222 26
&MC moves to layer 10
&overlay COFFEE TABLE moves to layer 11
&MC spot 1.280 209 78


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Ya, this happened with me as well. I think you should use the command (@overlay OVERLAY opacity 1) after the shift and scale command and also delete the opacity 1 from the create command.

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I’ll try that, thanks!

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