Overlay problem (part 2)

:rage: these overlays can not go to the programmed layer and it’s been like this for 15 minutes. Can someone help me, please? :sob:

Here’s the script :

@zoom reset AND overlay 6556398148911104_PUMPKIN 4 shifts to 150 376
@overlay 6556398148911104_PUMPKIN 4 scales to 0.277 0.277 AND overlay PUMPKIN 4 moves to layer -1
@overlay 6556398148911104_PUMPKIN 2 shifts to 298 -46 AND overlay 6556398148911104_PUMPKIN 2 scales to 1.000 1.000 AND overlay PUMPKIN 2 moves to layer 5
@overlay 6556398148911104_PUMPKIN 1 shifts to 411 -69 AND overlay 6556398148911104_PUMPKIN 1 scales to 1.000 1.000 AND overlay PUMPKIN 1 moves to layer 6
@overlay 6556398148911104_SKULL 1 shifts to 264 257 AND overlay 6556398148911104_SKULL 1 scales to 0.514 0.514 AND overlay SKULL 1 moves to layer 7

Maybe use different command:

@overlay OVERLAY to layer #

That’s what I did

you used moves to layer I don’t know if this command works for layers too because I always use what’s in the guides and it’s to layer

Okay thanks :smile:

let me know if it’s working or not :slight_smile:

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Welp… it doesn’t :frowning:

did you try maybe add your overlays to the background?

What do you mean?

INT. BACKGROUND with OVERLAY to % X Y in zone # at layer #

Okay thanks I’ll try right away

But wait what if I wanna add move than one overlay?

just keep adding with OVERLAY to % X Y in zone # at layer #

I use

@overlay OVERLAY moves to layer #