Overlay problem - what is wrong with mine overlay placing HELP NEEDED

So I made custom overlay and loaded it to mine account. But it is not exactly in the right place so I had to shift it to side.
When it was on the right position I made a copy so there are no typos…

But she is NOT walking behind even being on lower layer.
When I again check the overlay at this moment which you see on the picture the overlay seems not to be at that place…I really can’t find it like if it is in another zone or so…

When I delete the directing for the overlay it is visible and on wrong place but she stands behind it… so the problem must be with placing the overlay.

Can it be because the scene starts with zoom and I was adjusting the coordinates in zoom reset mode and then zoomed closer to see that it fits?

I also have to say that in the first scene you do not see the counter you start to see it first approx when she start to talk about the icecream.

What you see in the preview is the last marked line



@overlay OVERLAYNAME moves to layer 0
@MC moves to layer -1

Then she walks behind it

overlay is at layer 2 she is on layer 1 - so this should not be the problem as I say if I do not move the overlay she is behind it the problem is with moving the overlay not with layers.:wink:

You need to add the zone number to the overlay shift command. If you do not add a zone number, it defaults to zone 1

thank that was it:))))

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