Overlay Problem


Am I the only one that has trouble with overlays? It will say on my script that everything is correct but when I go to check it on the app it says it has an error.


Restart your app. Probably a preview glitch


I’ve tried that. This has occurred many times, some overlays work some don’t.


Hmmm it shouldn’t be like that. Have you tried filling out a ticket to admin?


Nope I haven’t, just about too.


If you post a picture of your script, I can see if I catch any errors in it just in case it isn’t a glitch/bug. That is if you haven’t already fixed it.


I went ahead and moved the thread to Directing Help & Tips as it fit’s better. @Jahstoriess any update regarding your progress? Thanks and good luck! :vulcan_salute:


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: