Overlay problems can someone help please

i cant seem to get my overlay to show up. i’ve tried loads of different ways and nothing works

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You should add opacity too.
@overlay 4979207429685248_YOUR shifts to 68 451
@overlay 4979207429685248_YOUR scales to 0.279 0.279
@overlay YOUR opacity 1 in 2

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it still isn’t working :frowning:

done thank you had to make a new overlay as it wouldn’t let me add 2 so have to wait for it to be reviewed but its showing now thank you :slight_smile:

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Your welcome!! :blush:

you don’t need to upload 2 you can also create a duplicate from the first one this way you don’t have to wait until it gets approved

[quote=“Dara.Amarie, post:1, topic:5851”]

DUPLICATING the Same Overlay:

You can use the same overlay more than once without having to upload the overlay with a different name.

@overlay OVERLAYNAME_2 create from OVERLAYNAME

i already deleted the single i’m happy to wait :slight_smile:

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