Overlay Problems - Invisible People

When I tried to use a car overlay, my characters were invisible in the scene. I have temporarily fixed the problem by making the overlay a part of the scene… but I wanted the car a certain way. So I gave it size and scale coordinates. That didn’t work either. Can you please help me?

EDIT: I figured out why my characters were invisible. The scale was negative (-1.028) I thought it was the “x” coordinate.

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You might accidentally put the car in the layer that over the characters…

Can you send me your script?

Old Script (original)
@overlay CAR SIDE PINK create
@overlay CAR SIDE PINK -1.028 5
@overlay CAR SIDE PINK opacity 1

New Script (characters are not invisible)
EXT. CAFE - DAY with CAR SIDE PINK -1.028 5

If you haven’t figured out yet:

@overlay BENCH create
@overlay 5151221423865856_BENCH shifts to 37 42 in zone 1
@overlay 5151221423865856_BENCH scales to 0.370 0.370
@overlay BENCH opacity 1

-You forgot to add the shift and scales.


@overlay CAR SIDE PINK create
@overlay CAR SIDE PINK shifts to -1.028 5
@overlay CAR SIDE PINK scales to 0.370 0.370
@overlay CAR SIDE PINK opacity 1

Now I feel kinda dumb. Thank you, Shahara!

Np girl!