Overlay problems. Please help :(

Hey guys, would you please help me with an overlay?
A positioned it and everything looked perfect in the preview. Than I continued working (didn’t touch the part anymore) und many times afer the preview it was still as it was supposed to be. Without any reason the next preview showed the overlay in a wrong size and position o.o !?!?!
(Yes, I used the number of the zone :frowning: )
I tried it some more times. Closed the site and opened it again many times but it was still wrong. The overlay appeared to small and right sided. So I did the work all over again and made it bigger, put it on the right place again… everything fine. A few previews later now the picture was shown way to big and left!!! I made it smaller AGAIN XD and everything was fine again. … You can imagine what happend some time later :exploding_head: I tied it on the app and even here: overlay was shown too small. When I clicked <<10 lines to the start it was shown RIGHT !!! What is wrong here? XD I don’t get it!? Can anyone help me?
Thank you so much!


Hey! Could you please screenshot that part of your script?


volume music 0 0

music music_acousticjam

@overlay RAINBOW FRAME create
@overlay RAINBOW FRAME opacity 1

@overlay RAINBOW FRAME shifts to -396 30 in zone 1
@overlay RAINBOW FRAME scales to 0.005 0.005

@overlay RAINBOW FRAME shifts to 10 30 in zone 1 in 1.5 using easeelasticin
@overlay RAINBOW FRAME scales to 0.005 0.005

@pause for 0.2

| bold |Turn on your sound! This story uses music.🎼🎵🎶🎵

Glad you fixed it.

A little tip for placing overlays with scenes is to use & instead of @ at the beginning of the line.

&overlay OVERLAY NAME shifts to 0 0 in zone # and overlay OVERLAY NAME scales to 1.000 1.000 and overlay OVERLAY NAME to layer # and overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 1
(to show immediately or 0 to make it invisible until you need it- you would add &overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 1. To fade it in you’d add “in #” after the opacity. )

@transition fade in black in 2

IF you add with RAINBOW FRAME after the background name you don’t have to use the @overlay create command.

Unfortunately it is shown wrong again -.- I posted my code, maybe you guys find the mistake. :frowning: But thank you very much @ColeCatalyst I will try that!

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music music_acousticjam
volume music 0 0
&overlay RAINBOW FRAME shifts to -396 30 in zone 1 and overlay RAINBOW FRAME scales to 0.005 0.005 and overlay RAINBOW FRAME opacity 1
@overlay RAINBOW FRAME shifts to 10 30 in zone 1 in 1.5 using easeelasticin
@pause for 0.2

Try this.

@ColeCatalyst tried all this but still doesn’t show up right :cry: But thank you so much for trying to help me!

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Can you explain a little further. exactly what is it doing? Is it not moving correctly? Is it not sizing correctly at the beginning of the preview? Is it not sizing up when it moves?

edit: I ran it through my proofread script and it slides across the bottom left.

I’ll run it and see if i can help xx

My english is not that good XD but I’ll try. The problem is: it switches beween two different ways of appearence even if I don’t change anything. When I created the overlay at the very beginning everything was fine. Then for no apparent reason the preview showed it veeeeery large. I tried it again and again. I gave up somehow and resized it. So I made it smaller to make it fit again. Everything was perfect again and some prewievs later it showed up way to SMALL now. It seems as if the program has “two modes” XDDD

@ your edit: yes it looks the same in my program now but when I resize it so it fills the whole space and preview many times it showes up extreeeeemly big.

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What sort of size did u want it?

The issue is this background. Overlays do not work well with this specific background. You will have to use a different background or upload your own all black background. You can even use INT. BLUE - DAY and cut to zone 2 to get a black background.

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@Dara.Amarie OH . Good to know! I’ll try this out! Thank you!

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Well, I think with the help of @ColeCatalyst the problem could be fixed. It seems the editor could not handle that the overlay was longer than the screen size. Since I made it smaller it works all fine. Thank you so much for all your help. Especialy Cole! :pray:

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No problem hon. Glad I could help :smiley:

Ok… problem is back again. I am really not sure if it is actually a coding mistake… Because yesterday I worked on it and everything was okay. I opened it again now and the problem is back without changing ANYTHING. It feels like my editor is just bugging or something. Did anyone of you have a similar problem at anytime?

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You can submit a support ticket and let the episode team know what’s going on? It may be a portal bug.

I don’t know enough to help beyond what I have. Did you try @Dara.Amarie 's suggestion about changing the background to :
&cut to zone 2
then copy/paste your script under it? the INT. BLACK background can be a little weird.

Okay guys, I didn’t want to make a post before testing the new “fix” some time, but after some days here is what helped me:

I tried a little here and there and finally I thought "Hm… It seems like the program just has problems with placing backgrounds and overlays in the middle and in the right scale. So I did something silly simple.
Direktly after EVERY background I placed the command “@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0” (even behind the backgrounds from episodes art catalog, because these had the same bugs as my custom made ones) and since I did, everything works. No idea why the program needs it, but the probleme did not come back. To make sure it didn’t just work out by itselfe I deleted the command sometimes and the problem was there again XD So it seems to be the command that fixes the problem.