Overlay problems

Hello, I have a problem with overlays! I uploaded my own overlay to my account, and I put it on script and saved it, told me me no errors, but when I go on my phone to move the overlay it doesn’t appear? Help?

Can I see your script please

Hopefully the pic works! I’m tryjng to make a cover for my story, so I’m making it through this new script

Ok there’s the issue. You can’t use overlays with the INT. BLACK background. Just doesn’t work, sorry. If you really want the black background I would upload a black background but if it doesn’t matter, I recommend using a different one.

Oh ok! Thank you so much!!:heart::heart:


Thanks again to @RudeInception for the assist! I have gone ahead and moved this thread to the Directing Help & Tips section (for help threads) and closed the thread. :peace_symbol: