Overlay Quality Issue - Help

Hi, so I make custom overlays for my story on my phone and they look completely fine but when I go to upload it to my story the quality is terrible. Is there a way to resolve this issue?

How big are they on your phone? they could look fine there but be way too big/small to look right on episode

56 kb. I’m not really good with things like that, all I know is that they have to be under 1mb.

1mb = 1000kb. If your overlay is only 56kb, you have plenty of leeway. For quality, I would reccomend using a larger canvas (maybe 2000x2000) when you’re editing and screenshotting character assets directly from the app. Larger overlays tend to have better quality; but be aware that the larger the size of the overlay>the more memory it will take up>the slower your story might run.

Thank you! I’ll try that.

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