Overlay question part 2

Where can i find drives with overlays? :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:

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you could find those episode support groups. they usually have a link to a drive for everything. For example @episodeluxe but you must follow them and credit them

Do you have a link to their drive?

no but just search up episodeluxe

on here or insta?

episodeluxe is an instagram group :heart:

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Ik :blob_hearts:

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Where can i get overlays?

go to their instagram and click their clink, there is a drive there

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Google websites like pngtree or cleanpng.

What does this word mean : Copyright protection

It means they have rights to take action against you if you breach their copyright. They have copyright to everything they originally make and it protects their work from being stolen. Also that is two words not one.


I know it’s two words

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