Overlay question


So…If your overlay isn’t approved can you still view it?
I’ve tried entering codes for the overlay in 3 different ways with the correct opacity, so am I doing something wrong with the codes or can you just not view an unapproved overlay?


You can’t view an overlay until it’s been approved. It could take anywhere from a couple hours, to a couple days. Hope this helped!


Thank you! xx



You can use and view and move your overlay even if it’s not approved yet. Try adding a zone number :slight_smile:


@soph.epi I apologize if my information was wrong. I had the same issue a while ago and I thought that it was because my overlay wasn’t yet approved.


When you can’t see an overlay it’s usually because you didn’t add a zone or it’s off somewhere else. You can zoom out and try to find it better.


@Apes @Jules_Episode @Rune.episode
Sorry for not replying earlier, thank you all so much for the help! xxx