Overlay rejection

So I’m trying to make overlays that look like a characters phone is receiving them as they come in, and move the conversation down like a real phone, but all of them get rejected due to “Contains trademarks or references to corporate or business names”
this is my third try. first time all of them got rejected and the second time only 3 of the 11 got accepted? last time i put the carrier as episode and they got in, but they didnt this time?
idk why can someone help me?

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you can try using text format

“set format phonetext” i think it is

btw this looks really interesting. what is your story called?

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haha thank you its called The One And Only and its still episode 2 lol
what do u mean text format?

It could be because of the microphone in the corner or because the word “online” maybe.

You can use this website. As long as you change a few things around it will get approved.

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ohh okay ill try and remove that, and I tried that website but doing all of these 1 by 1 was exhausting lol but thank youu

just type in the portal “set format phonetext”


@Hila’s idea will probably work for what you want.
If you get rid of all the messages and only upload the phone screen background, you can use a code in your script to make it look like text message.

To put it in your script, you type this:

set format phonetext

And then when you want to go back to the real scene, you type this:

set format cinematic

There’s more info on it here. If you use this, you don’t need to worry about approvals


oh my god thank you, now do the messages come up all at once or one at a time?

one at a time as you tap

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oh thank you so much love
u made my life so much easier haha

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