Overlay reqquest!

I am looking for a specific overlay that it seems the character eyes are red from crying?

which eye shape?

I believe generic!

female? can i also ask are the eyes facing the camera? meaning the atcamera animations or a right/left facing animation?

Yeah! Oh to the right

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perfect! i’ll make one for you right away

what do you think

here’s the overlay

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when I add it , it doesn’t look like a equal balance to both eyes

no problem. here’s a cropped version

left eye

right eye

you can elongate/shorten the overlay by using the scale numbers 1.000 0.900 and play around with it till you find the correct position. also if you are scaling the overlays smaller than 0.100 then you have to use more precise spot directing. meaning spot 15.1 10.2

is it supposed to be opacity 1?

this doesn’t look like how I want it to be

are you using a filter? because the saturation is too high that’s why it looks more deep red than red. can i also know the animation you are using? and is this animation the only animation you want the overlay for? 'cause if it’s more i have to make more overlays for different animations

Even without the filter it doesn’t look good at all


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I first time made something like this but you can try my variant)
Pls share your result and I can change it if necessary

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i’ll try and match it with the animation and maybe make the red less saturated

yours is really nice too

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i used your overlay i think it looks better

i added some veins too if you want them