Overlay request {Closed indefinitely}

okay I will try my best :slight_smile:

li ti

I was wondering if you could make me a overlay?

Hi I was wondering could you make me an overlay. My title of my story is Boundaries. I already have a title screen but could you make an overlay with the word Boundaries in “Black Jack” font. Nothing else, just the word?

Thanks babe! They’re perfect! xox

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sure what is it?

and the font is from where?

Of an iphone (turned off)

is that okay?

Its prefect,could you also make one that has the iphone with this wallpaper

okay :slight_smile: do you want it with a home screen or a lock screen?
(If a home screen what apps would you like on there, and if lock screen what date and time?)

Both(lock screen and home screen

With instagram and snapchat
Lock screen :time:3:30+march 4

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okay i did the first one… it was kinda hard to do lol i hope you like it… if there is anything you want me to change lmk

girl this is perfect,thank you

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ahah no problem and here is the lock screen

also if you could read my rules :slight_smile:
Im not asking for much aha just to credit me thank you <3

Yeah totally i was just about ask you about how you wanted to be credited

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do u have an instagram i want to post the overlays i have done and tag you :smile:

Sadly, no :frowning: