Overlay Request! (plz send help tehe)

Soooo I want an overlay of eyes closed!


Skin Tone: Caramel
Eye Shape: Upturned Bold

Is this all right?


If you need anything changed, let me know, and if you feel like crediting, you can credit my insta @tylerwrites.episode

Yes! It is perfect!

Tehe ik this may be a lot… but uk how to do backgrounds?

Unfortunately, no. I literally only know how to cut stuff out on photoshop :laughing: I could try to throw something together but it probably wouldn’t look very realistic lmao

could u possibly find me a human test tube? I have been looking for like 2 hours and can’t find one!

How is this? I wasn’t really sure how it was going to turn out but I think it looks all right?

And then you could layer the person underneath.

Also episode seems to be auto-cropping the image on my computer so just click on it for the full size if it does it on yours.

I like it! Not to sound ungrateful, but where is the bottom?


I am slow

Yeah lmao i don’t know why it’s cropping :woman_shrugging:

just ignore that last one… ty!

No problem at all! Let me know if you need anything else!

yeah that is kinda annoying

Okay! Tysm for the help!

can u make this into a overlay ppllzzzzzzzzz?

yes i can do that give me a few minutes

okie, ty!

How is this?

not to be annoying but… can u remove the blue? I need a character to bee seen thru it

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