Overlay Request Thread!(CLOSED ATM)

I’m taking a short hiatus break
If you have already requested an overlay, I haven’t forgotten about you!
I will finish it and om you the image, but for now I’m not taking any new requests!
Welcome to my overlay request thread! :heart:
I can help you find the perfect overlay.
I can also cut it out of an episode background, or create one!
Once you receive your overlay, don’t forget to credit me!
Since I am creating an episode story of my own, I am pretty busy, so please be patient.
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Hey, thanks for creating this :slight_smile:
If it’s possible can I ask for a open laptop, a view as if someone used it so I can make a video call scene. Thanks

sure and would u like the screen part to be transparent?

I will pm this image to you (so it can be transparent))
This does not belong to me it belongs to @smg.episode so credit her and me for helping you find it!


Yes please. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I will.

hey do you have an overlay for a bar table that is gray/metallic in color?

Hey. Can you make or find me a bruises overlay for my character? Here is the character I want the bruises to be placed on:

Could the bruises be: one her shoulder and some on her chest if that’s possible please? Just to let you know, she would be wearing that and doing dustoff_loop animation but not for long.

How long do you think it’ll take? :slight_smile:

Winter xx

would u like for me to cut the bar in this background out for you? I can recolor it if u want, to make it gray?

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I will try to finish it as soon as possible!

Thanks! :blush:

yes please :slight_smile:

so yes to the recolor?

Here is your overlay!
Don’t forget to credit me @blue_jellybean
Here is how I would place it:

yes thank you :slight_smile:

Here you go!
Don’t forget to credit me @blue_jellybean

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Thank you so much!! I will definitely give you credit. :hugs:

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thank you and I will :slight_smile:

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Hi, can I ask you for the following overlays?

*A few mannequin overlays with limelight clothes on it. Each one be different and no pink (unless if it’s a dress then I don’t mind.) please.
*A couple of overlays which look like material piles or clothes piles.
*Threads and needles lying around.

And anything around that topic please

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face::heart:

Hey! I would like you to make the violin into an overlay from these 2 backgrounds:


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