Overlay Requests (closed until February 1st(

If you need an overlay made, just tell me and i’ll get the job done! :grin:

i need a rose bush.

PS. Do not get the overlay from google, and from pintrest, just letting you know about that. :wink:

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i’ll make one as soon as possible

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Can I get some tattoos? (I need one with a dove and one with a rose if possible)

Can you give me an example of what you want?

Here you go, tell me if you need anything changed.

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thanks. Very nice. Credits?

No need to credit

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Would you be able to do an overlay of cracked glass? I have a character punching the pinball machine in the arcade background and wanted to show the glass cracked afterwards.

Um sure, I will find something like it on google

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Sure, i’ll make one right a.s.a.p

Hi! Sorry it took me so long, it here are the pictures! Thank you!

Rose tattoo

Either of the circle ones, but in red. (Just something like them)

Dove tattoo

Once again just something like this:)

Okay, i’ll start doing them, it may take a while though :grinning:

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