Overlay Required


Im looking for a sniper overlay, not the gun itself but something that fits over the screen so it looks asif the reader is the shooter?

Anyone who can help I would be grateful

Chloe x



What do you think of this one??

or this one??



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I need something like this but in an overlay form?


Sorry aha I didnt know where to place it


Do you want this black thingey as well??


Preferbly yes
The white bit will be where my character will be stood


What about this one?


This could work have you got anything with like the bit in the middle on the reference photo i sent it
Im so sorry I dont know guns


And do you need that white part inside to be removed??


Oh, So you want it like the photo you sent?


Yeah i just need the black marker bit on the inside
No white part is needed


Something like that yes
Sorry if im a pain


Eh that might be dificult


Will be done in 5.


If you cant thats perfectly fine




Okay. so what about that targetting thing that lines small ones need them don’t??


I dont need the scale part but I need the lines that are like this +


And numbers??