Overlay rotating help

How do I make the overlay rotate meaning it doesn’t rotate around when the person is playing it, but to actually place it under a 90° angle or something simmilar.

If you don’t understand my messy words, you’ll surely understand this:


But not so it does it in the preview but to actually be at that angle since the begining of the scene.

I want to make this car, be facing the other direction in the story.


look here:

Yeah, she made a thread there, but it’s still not what I’m trying to do. I saw it all, and If you read my post you’ll see the only thing up there about rotating is to rotate something like a ball repeatedly which I don’t want

its actually all there, but I get you because the rotating is bit confuzing

If you want to rotate it constantly without seeing the movement you just simply in the code write desired angle.in your case I guess it ill be 90 and time you set to 0

@overlay OVERLAYNAME rotates 90 anchor point 0 0 in 0

No I said she showed how to rotate it constantly, I just want to flip it to be shown in a 90 degree angle.

I already wrote you how to do it…

Thst’s exactly what I said I didn’t want.
See? :

that is what I meant english is not my native language

just use the code I gave you and see tht it is what you wanted.

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Oh, thanks then

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