Overlay rotation dilemma

i’m seriously begging for someone to help me right now because this has become incredibly frustrating. i’m trying to rotate an arm that’s attached to the rest of my character’s body but it detaches upon rotation. i had this down two weeks ago and i literally made a note of the code in my script under a hashtag so that this didn’t happen again, but it appears that that same piece of code has now decided to say, “screw you”. there’s a video here if you don’t know what i mean, and here’s the code:

&pause for 1.65 then overlay UA - ARIELLA OL 02 FOREARM RIGHT 01 rotates -20 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 1.15 using easeinout and overlay UA - ARIELLA OL 02 FOREARM RIGHT 01 shifts to 122 276 in zone 1 in 1.15 using easeinout

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I think I know why, you don’t have a “shifts to” command at the beginning. So the overlay is popping out from 0 0 by default.


if the center of the rotation is not where you need it you are most likely using wrong anchor point. Depending on how the overlay looks like you need to adjust it to be in the albow.

i’m using 0.5 0.5 and i got it to work with that anchor point previously, trying the others only seemed to make the issue worse

i do, it’s just higher up in the script:

&overlay UA - ARIELLA OL 02 FOREARM RIGHT 01 shifts to 26 -46 in zone 1 in 0

i think the problem might be something to do with this but i can’t figure out what i need to change for it to work

I’d remove the “pause for 1.65” part and put it on another line with an @ symbol, then follow with your &overlay command

if the overlay is static ( you do not show how it rotates) anchor point doesnt matter.

But if you rotate it in time the anchorpoint must be in the center of the rotation.

0.5 0.5 means the center of the rotation is in the middle of the overlay.

i’ll try that

it is, but the issue is the fact that it’s not rotating on the spot

you are shifting the overlay in time when the rotation s happening so it cant rotate in spot.

Proof that that isn’t true
(Sorry about the quality)

Than I dont understand your problem. It looks fine on the video it rotates on the spot.

yes exactly, but now i’m trying to recreate that using the same code and it isn’t working

edit: don’t worry, i’ll try to figure it out myself

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