Overlay(s) Needed!

Hi! If anyone is able to find/make a prison food tray, please comment below or PM me! I also need a prison cafeteria food collecting place, if that makes any sense at all :sweat_smile: If you have any questions comment down below! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this :kissing_closed_eyes:

Prison food tray?

Yes :sweat_smile: I mean any try with food on it that looks kind of gross. :smiley:

Yum! :yum:

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Don’t mind that :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

How bout this?

Thank you so so much! You’re a life saver! :smiley:

And those burgers and fries look amazing :yum:

I found a few backgrounds

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The second one kinda looks like a classroom to me.

WOw! Thank you so so much for your help! However I was looking for a background more like…hmmm, this?

You’re such a kind soul for helping me, and I’ll definitely use the food tray and credit you!

Oh… U want ppl in it?

My insta is darkangel_episode
If u need anything else, feel free to ask! :wink:

I was thinking something like just he counter, so I can have episode characters behind it serving food to the prisoners :smiley: Thank you so much for helping :wink:

What about the real ppl?

Oh no! No real people in it, just a counter similar to the one in the picture but front view on…if that makes any sense? It’s okay, you don’t need to help! You’ve already done so much and I couldn’t be more grateful!

I’m helping :grinning::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::grinning:

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