Overlay Sharing Thread


Can someone give me a blanket for the following backgrounds?


this is a sharing thread so perhaps you should ask a art group to do it?


@ThorneArtStudio has all the overlays to match the background in her google drive.


Here are some overlays I made/found!

**Please give me credit if you want to @cecca.episode on Instagram :slight_smile: **




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This isn’t a request forum!

Maybe ask an art group? :slight_smile:


Here are some overlays I’ve made/found (free for usage)
No need for credit :slight_smile:

Church windows, a bit awkward non-transparent parts but it doesn’t show with a dark background.

Works well for a reflection, like someone looking at themself as they pass a window



Is it okay if I use some of these I’ll give credit :slightly_smiling_face:


Of course you can use them. You don’t have to give credit if you don’t want to. I’m just happy to help :blush:


Thank you :green_heart:


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I just wanted to share my drive which has some overlays - there are also some bacgrounds, splashes and code packs which have a background and overlays plus the code to place the overlays to make it a heap easier for people. There’s not a lot in my drive yet but I’m always adding more stuff. Lots of it I’ve made myself but there is some Episode edited stuff as well. Anyone is free to use this stuff provided they credit me. Enjoy! :smile: