Overlay Shifting/Moving issue! Please help! >.<


I have been struggling with moving overlays to a different spot. So… What’s happening is… I coded the overlay in zone 2 and later, I tried to move it about a few numbers to the left (like probably 5 numbers to the left). When I tried to preview it, the overlay keeps drifting off to a whole other panel! >.<

How do I fix this? I tried to do this with the car, with the wet and folded clothes, and underwear! They just won’t stay in the panel. XD

You can refer to this article if you are unclear and it will help you sort your issue too. In case you still have difficulties you can DM me.

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Oh! Thank you and God! UGH! You are my episode savior. lol
This helps so much. :blush:

No problem😊

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maybe you already got help, but, you always need to specify the zone if the “camera” isn’t on zone 1.

You either write it in the background:

BACKGROUND with OVERLAY to scale x y in zone # at layer #

or when you shift (if you shift)

@overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y in s in zone #

otherwise it will always just jump to zone 1, as a default.


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