Overlay shifting problem

I use the helper to position the overlays and copy and paste the coordinates as they are in there but every time i preview the overlays change positions

before i preview it when i’m positioning it where i want it

when i preview it

my code
@/overlay NIREUS_RITUAL_BLACK_EYES create AND overlay NIREUS_RITUAL_BLACK_EYES opacity 1 in 0.1 AND overlay NIREUS_RITUAL_BLACK_EYES shifts to 9 122 in zone 2 AND overlay NIREUS_RITUAL_BLACK_EYES scales to 0.218 0.218 AND overlay NIREUS_RITUAL_BLACK_EYES moves to layer 4

i tried using the app to position it and the same thing keeps happening. the problem only occurs with the specific overlay

I’ve been dealing with it for 45 minutes now. it’s driving me insane :upside_down_face:

Hmm- looks like a bug since every time you have the same coordinates if I see right - test it in the app - if its not just problem of the portal.

i just did. it is still happening :confused:

I had the same hecking problem with a body overlay some time ago, never got it fixed at last gave up and let it be in the wrong place,

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hmm - try to use small numbers (dunno how you call it in English) - in the portal, it writes always the whole number, but sometimes you might need more subtle coordinates - and the portal actually is able to work with them. This has to be done manually.

like the shift to 9.1 121.8 (just example, you have to test which one will fit exactly)

dunno if it helps but is worth trying - I had to shift this way sometimes overlays too to hit the exact spot (but I don’t remember having the issue you describe)

it helped! thanks! @line123462 here!


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