Overlay shop! [CLOSED TO CATCH UP] 💞


I’m kind of on a break because I still need to finish the overlays and school is about to start here so I cant be 100% committed into making overlays for you. I’m sorry. Will open again once I’m free.

(I make overlays fast)
Here is an example of my work…

Please read the following rules below in order to request

Please follow them because I spend time in doing these for you for free

  1. CREDIT IS CRUCIAL or just a mention
    Please don’t forget to credit me or give me a mention in your story
    @canvas_creativity on instagram NOT @zariepisode.
    If I see an overlay I made without credit you will be exposed on my Instagram and HERE . I read your freaking stories y’all.
  2. DO NOT claim my work, as your own
    The most disrespectful thing anyone could ever do is claim someone else’s time and work as their own.
  3. The password dancingdinosauryeet must be used, or your request will be deleted. seriously.
  4. Please be patient. There are other people on Earth! I wont take too long don’t worry.
  5. STORY NAME I need to see if you really gave me credit
  6. Only positivity and love on this thread negativity is a no-no
  7. I DON’T DO FLOWERS OR LEAVES we don’t get a long. They’re a pain in the a–

What do I put if I want an overlay from a background?

  1. Background name. If its not from the catalog, and you made it yourself, put the picture in there.
  2. Smaller size or background size (Smaller size means its smaller so its easier for you to edit. Background size means that the overlay’s position is already default, the same position as it is in the background.)
  3. what you want to be cut out.
  4. the password

What do I put if I want an overlay?

  1. PM me the overlay you want.
  2. Describe it. SPECIFICALLY .
  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE type in one go.
  4. the password

THATS ALL YA’LL GOD BLESS:gift_heart::pray:


Hey can you make overlays of fallen books and papers for me

Please read the instructions :slight_smile:

Please follow and read the instructions!


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Hey i want 2 different books and paper overlays rough which should look like it has fallen in the ground thats all i need. Can you make it for me. dancingdinosauryeet

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how many books? do you want to be on the ground?

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My character opens the drawer thats when the books fall in the ground so make overlay of 3 or 4 shattered roughly in ground. :blush:dancingdinosauryeet

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Two versions of the chair from this, one just the front side (to go in front of the character so it looks like they’re in it) and one the entire thing (so they can walk behind).
Background size.

edit: clarified description

Front side as in the seat itself or the back?

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Like the closest to camera part of the outside so when they’re sitting they’re just behind that bit

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I’m done!
Is this okay? Sorry it took so long, I had to edit other peoples requests.

Scattered Books


Please don’t forget to credit me or give me a mention in your story
@canvas_creativity on instagram

All done!
I actually made 3 versions of your request
One full chair.
One half chair (Just the overlapping part. The rest of the cushion is in the background)
On back view chair (I had to draw that part. Sorry if it didn’t turn out so well)

Full Chair


Half Chair


Back View


I’m so sorry it turned out so bad lmao

All overlays are in their default positions. Just make sure to zone them at layer 1 or whatever layer that works.

Also if there were some dark parts in the overlay, don’t worry about it. It will blend in with the background.

Please don’t forget to credit me or give me a mention in your story
@canvas_creativity on instagram

I’m finished!
Here’s your overlay!

Letter Overlay

Please don’t forget to credit me or give me a mention in your story
@canvas_creativity on instagram

Oh, I actually didn’t need the back view, did I say I did? Anyhow, thanks! I’ll be sure to credit you!

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That’s how I interpreted it lol.
Just in case you need it though!

Sure! Please give credit!

Well, the two I need turned out GREAT, and I wrote your username and insta down so I don’t forget to credit you!

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Thank you so much! And thank you for choosing me to do your overlays!

Its perfect. Thankyou zarie

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