Overlay shop! [CLOSED TO CATCH UP] 💞

No problem. Any time :slight_smile:

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Could I have an overlay of the back of a car? I only need 2 or so cars.


Something like this but with the trunk closed lol. And a full view of the car. This picture kind of cuts off the left side.

dancingdinosauryeet :crocodile:

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What color would you like the cars to be?

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Any tan, gray or black is fine.

All done :slight_smile:

Gray Car

Tan Car

Black Car

Please don’t forget to credit me
@canvas_creativity on Instagram <----

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Thank you and I’ll be sure to credit you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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1.Image removed.
2. Image removed.
3. the table overlay, the metal thingies and the back of the chair (closest) so people can sit on chairs
4. dancingdinosauryeet


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Hey, can you make me a word overlay for my story’s intro?

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Oh and dancingdinosauryeet

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Totally! PM :slight_smile:

U mean on ig right…?

I’ve sent the overlays to you :slight_smile:

  1. Background name. It’s not a bg but it came from an overlay.
  2. Smaller size or background size smaller
  3. what you want to be cut out. the chair from the desk
  4. the dancingdinasouryeet

Also can you seperate the desk and chair then make it into an overlay?

No problem, the desk looks a bit messy from the manual erasing. You can send me the the full background and I’ll cut it out for you :slight_smile: That’s optional though :slight_smile:

Well, when I downloaded that it was only an overlay, so I don’t know where the source of the overlay came from.

Ok then

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I’m Finished!!

Please don’t forget to credit me IN YOUR STORY!
@canvas_creativity on Instagram <----


CHAIR desk

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Thank you! <3

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Pleasure working with you. Please don’t forget to give me credit in YOUR STORY
@canvas_creativity on Instagram

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Hey, can I get a version of the half space chair I asked for previously but without the leg?

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