Overlay Shop |OPEN|

I can do alot of overlays I’m not saying I’m the best but I can do them… rules

  • I have the right to refuse if you request on another thred

  • Don’t advertise your Thred on this thred unless I give you permission

  • Have fun requesting

  • Credit me for the overlays by My Athour Name UltimaW

  • Just have fun

Do you have examples? Because I do backgrounds

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@AMagic these are my exsampels

Good very

Can I request a blanket overlay please?

Yep sure any pattern or colour? @KatieI

Can I just have it white please?

Sorry I didn’t see that post but I got these I can still get a white one

eraser_2018-10-14_09-11-28 @KatieI

Yes please :grin:

Okay it will be done soon deal free to use the others as well

Okay, thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve got 3


Thank you!! Would you like credit?

Credit my Athour Name UltimaW

Okay :smile:

Btw there’s 2 UltimaWs both is me I had to change Email

Omg I’m been trying to find someone that can do overlays can u please try to do some for me that are not really original but artistic like ones outside and some inside

So you want overlays for gardens a d stuff but please tell me in more detail what you eant

I need one that’s a scary school and then I need another one that’s a creepy house and then a and a hallooween types too