Overlay showing up slowly

hi, i was wondering how to get the overlay to show up slowly like the blush or tears overlays i want them to show up slowly, not suddenly, you know what i mean, can someone help me asap, Thank you!!

use the command:
@overlay NAME opacity 1 in T

T= time

This way the overlay will fade in (or out) and not appear out of the blue :smiley:

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@overlay BLUSH LEFT create AND overlay BLUSH LEFT opacity 1 in 4
here’s what i put, and it still appears out if the blue

I recommend to go over this guide on placing overlays in your scene:

i think i already read that

@overlay NAME create
@overlay NAME opacity 1 in S

Replace S with a number (the time in seconds)


@overlay BLUSH create
@overlay BLUSH opacity 1 in 4

*The overlay will appear in 4 seconds in this example. Change the number higher if you want it to take more time to appear.

it worked thank you

Try not using the AND command.

@overlay BLUSH LEFT create
@OVERLAY BLUSH LEFT opacity 1 in 4


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