Overlay size problem

i was use 400x690 it is not working
i am using overlay that is car infront seat passenger seat and the driver seat i am really stuck please help what size of overlay is the best

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HI :star_struck:



I use this sizes it is a SQUARE

640 X 640
469 X 78

Let me know if you have any questions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs: :blob_hearts:

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You can always resize the overlay using spot directing so that you don’t have to reuploading the overlay at different sizes and waiting to get it approved.

In the spot directing menu choose “change overlay” you’ll be able to resize and move around the overlay. Also make sure to check it on a phone or tablet since the portal doesn’t always show how the final product will look.

I was try that before and it won’t work i guess first you need to find photo resize it into what size is good for episode and then turn it into png and post it if you took right sizes episode to approve i think one time it did only took two days and thrid day it was already been approved . thank you

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To add an overlay, it has to be png I’ve added overlays as big as 640Wx1136H
Those are usually from when I am just reuploading their backgrounds as an overlay with a clear space for the mirrors, etc.

I also found that if you was something from an episode background background to be an overlay, it’s best to just clear anything extra in the background, but keep that size so it shows up perfectly on the screen.

Also, is it not accepting the overlay at the size you have or is it just not going to the right spot?

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640 x 640 it worked i just have to upload it to see it does it work thanks

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I’m glad it helped :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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