Overlay Spotting Bug?

So, I have about four overlays in my scene, but whenever I preview it in my app or in the web previewer, the overlays don’t spot where they’re supposed to.

Here’s my code:
@transition fade out 2.0
&zoom reset
&overlay TABLE_WITH_WINE create
&overlay TABLE_WITH_WINE opacity 1
&overlay TABLE_WITH_ BREAD create
&overlay TABLE_WITH_ BREAD opacity 1
&overlay TABLE_WITH_ROSES create
&overlay TABLE_WITH_ROSES opacity 1
&overlay TABLE_WITH_CANDLE create
&overlay TABLE_WITH_CANDLE opacity 1
&overlay 5636969624371200_TABLE_WITH_WINE shifts to -270 -9
&overlay 5636969624371200_TABLE_WITH_WINE scales to 0.820 0.820
&overlay 5636969624371200_TABLE_WITH_ BREAD shifts to -157 -65
&overlay 5636969624371200_TABLE_WITH_ BREAD scales to 0.568 0.568
&overlay 5636969624371200_TABLE_WITH_ROSES shifts to 330 -57 in zone 3
&overlay 5636969624371200_TABLE_WITH_ROSES scales to 0.766 0.766
&overlay 5636969624371200_TABLE_WITH_CANDLE shifts to 225 -76 in zone 3
&overlay 5636969624371200_TABLE_WITH_CANDLE scales to 0.748 0.748
&cut to zone 2
&HARMONY spot 1.164 159 -131 in zone 2 AND HARMONY is sleep_sit_neutral_loop
@transition fade in black

It’s really weird because the scale stays the same and so does the y-coordinate. But it’s the x-coordinate that keeps changing and making the overlay go off-screen. For example, TABLE_WITH_ROSES should be at 225 -57 in zone 3, but on the app it says that it’s at 650 -57 and still in zone 3. What do I do?

Make sure you’re coding them while in that zone. If you’re coding something to be in zone 3, but you’re working from zone 2, the coordinates will be off.

After each shifts to command, put in zone 2 otherwise your overlays will default to zone 1. As said above :point_up_2::slight_smile:

But the ones that aren’t specified are supposed to be in zone 1. That’s why I left them.

I don’t know if theres an easier way but you’ll have to cut to each zone and put narrator dialog (to pause the scene) and direct your overlays in each zone. As kw said above, you have to be in the zone you want your overlay in otherwise the co ordinates will be different and most likely off screen. I would shift your overlays to 0 0 in whatever zone you want them to be in. Then use the code below to place them. It’s how I do my overlays so I don’t know if there’s a knack to do it :see_no_evil:
@cut to zone 1
@cut to zone 2
@cut to zone 3

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I do the same thing!

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Sorry, I replied a little late. I didn’t even notice this.
But that’s not what the problem is. In the code, everything’s in the right spot. It just changes for some reason when I play it on the mobile app.

It’s ok lol the app is being super glitchy at the moment. I’ve had so many people asking if their code is wrong :joy: maybe send a ticket to see if they know of any app glitches :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ll try that out. Thanks!

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