Overlay Surfboard

Hi everyone

I was able to get my overlay horizontal but now I am struggling to flatten it so my MC can sit on it or look like she is , below is a screenshot of what it looks like… I would really like some help on this I have been writing this story for awhile and with errors and waiting on reviews I would really like to be able to publish my first 3 chapters.


You’ll have to make a new surfboard overlay that is flat or position your current overlay underneath the character.

You can change overlay layering with this command:
@overlay OVERLAYNAME moves to layer #
And then have your character at any layer higher than the previous number.
For example:
@overlay Surfboard moves to layer 0
&KACEY moves to layer 1

Replace the # with a number. Remember, 0 is the back, closest to the background.

I might have to get a new surfboard overlay that is flat, as this is still angled on the side. Thanks for replying.

No worries :slight_smile:

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