Overlay switching between layers

My overlay is switching between layers though I don’t want it to. Can someone help, please?

can you post a screenshot of ur script

Here it is.

you should put in which zone after spot directing

I tried but it says max layer it spot directing, and I don’t know what that is.

Max layer is the layer overlays are automatically put at. You change it by decreasing the layer.

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Okay. So do I put the layer after the overlay?

The layer is included when you copy it from the box by pressing the button that says copy just put them to the layers you want and then copy the code.

Ok! I’ll try that.

Where do I insert it and do I just type in , ‘layer 3’

If you press copy here it will do it for you.

Screenshot 2021-02-20 at 21.11.21

here are layers and commands explained:

Ok, let me try that.

Thank you for this!

I did that and it worked! But now it gets bigger then gets smaller!

you are several times repeating the same the exact same command (zooms, character spot, overlays shifts, and scales) - that will have no effect - so delete all the extra commands

also, you use @ which means we will see the overlays for millisecond to shift and scale

you should use & if it all agould be on scene in the same moment.

Also the line for RAVEN which you have as the first one in the picture - because it is above the backgrount it will not be displayed on it - but it looks like you use the same coordinates later - so it looks like you want this part of code to be in this BG

All what should be on the BG must be written UNDER the BG line.

I did that but now it’s showing up a layer behind again even though I put what layer I wanted.