Overlay/Synchronized movements


Hey guys! I’ve been having some trouble with overlays w/cars and other things. Can anyone tell me the code or how to do it? Also, I need help with synchronized movements like 2 characters entering and exiting at the same time, ect.

Anything would help! Thanks!



1 - Well that depends on the code and where you want it ot be and for how long

2 - To make a 2 characters enter at the same time you can code this

&CHAR enters from (side) to (screen)
@CHAR enters from (side) to (screen)


@CHAR enters from (side) to (screen) AND CHAR enters from (side) to (screen)

To make the the 2+ character exit at the same time type in this

&CHAR exits (screen)
@CHAR exits (screen)


@CHAR exits (side) AND CHAR exits (screen)