Overlay Trouble


So I have a few troubles with overlay directing:

  1. On some backgrounds, overlays do show, but on others, they don’t! Even with the same commands (only backgrund is different)
  2. When I try to rotate my custom overlay, no matter if is use anchor point 0 0, anchor point 0.5 0.5 or anchor point 1 1, it works like I used anchor point 0 0. Does it not work with custom overlays?
  3. How can I make overlay move at the same time the pan runs? Like @follow CHARACTER to …
    Thank you for all answers!


Are you previewing on the computer? The computer preview has difficulty with overlays. If you are, preview it on your phone to see if it’s works.

@follow CHARACTER to … AND overlay …

  1. you need to resize the overlay. The png image should be in the center.
  2. &pan to zone #
    @overlay shifts to # in zone # in #
    First one is probably a glitch, try filing a ticket.


For the 2:
Overlay the image should be in the center of the canvas of overlay? Or the overlay in the center of zone?


Umm, it should be in the center of the canvas.


It is, but it doesn’t work.