Overlay troubles!

Hey! I’m having troubles with my overlay… As seen on the pics… At first it’s full screen, it goes off the screen and then comes back again. But i want it to stay and scale back to small. What am i doing wrong? Need help ASAP :pleading_face:

Too bad here aren’t any videos allowed…

This should be the start of the script.

Change the first command to:

& overlay SMARTII MAGIC 07 shifts to 8 -116 in zone 1 in 0

I tried, but it’s still the same :confused:

Can you show me the whole script for the scene?

The only think I can think of what you can do is placing the overlay again and change the command :thinking:

Hmm so basically i have to delete the whole scene and do it again? Copy paste won’t do it right?

No, only the last shift command. Becuase of how I got it it’s only it that is problematic?

Yeah only that last scene…

Then try placing it again at the size 0.622 (last line) and see if you maybe made a mistake in the shifting command.

Mm, it kinda confused me now :smiley: what should i do exactly? :sweat_smile:

When you previed the whole scene, your overlay should be now at size 0.622 as you commanded in the last line (1546). Now use the Spot Helper to put it in the right place again, then see if the coordinates are different than in line 1545, if so - correct it.

Mm no they shouldn’t be…

What should i do :confused:

So the issue is still the same after you placed it again?

Yes :thinking:

Maybe try making the two command into one by using AND? Like this:

&overlay SMARTII MAGIC 07 shifts to 8 -116 in zone 1 in 0 AND overlay SMARTII MAGIC 07 scales to 0.622 0.622 in 3

Nope, it still vanishes and then reappears from zone 2 to zone 1. :frowning:

I’m too lazy to read the comments so idk if this was already suggested but first when you put an overlay in the scene that you intend on rotating, you need to set its rotation position by putting
&overlay OVERLAYNAME rotates 0 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0 at the beginning so after line 1525 and then create the shifts spot for it. Otherwise it’ll jump to a new default place when rotating later. So you’ll have to redo your shifts codes.

So on line 1526, add that reset code there:
&overlay OVERLAYNAME rotates 0 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0

And then right “After” the opacity code
Put a:


Then save and preview the screen and see where your overlay appears and then spot where you want it to start and replace that shifts code you had to start with, with the new one. And then delete the NARR dialogue and then pause for the rest of the shifts code and fix where it goes because they won’t align the way you intended, they’ll have to be redone.

Also you don’t need to clear the overlay and recreate it. Just put the opacity to 0 when you want it to vanish and then put the opacity to 1 when you want it to be visible again.

Hello and thank you for replying to this topic, so i have to change the shift codes later or at the very start of the scene script?

Also um i cleared it cause i didn’t want it to be rotating anymore at the end of the scene.

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