OVERLAY: Wheelchair - Disabilities


OVERLAY: A wheelchair. Just. Please. We can just use regular sitting animations, the wheelchair doesn’t have to be animated (although if that could be done, wow, that would be amazing). So many people use wheelchairs, it’s a shame not to have one when it would be just as easy as a chair to create.

In the push for diversity, I feel like people with disabilities or otherwise just unhealthy bodies have kind of been overlooked. Letting stories represent people with disabilities is long overdue, honestly. Especially since the current contest has an image of a superhero in a wheelchair, but creating that kind of character just isn’t an option.

(You’ll be seeing a lot of these threads, as I have a list of suggestions. Please like each of them so we’re more likely to get this representation!)

Oxygen Tank
Nasal Cannula
Hearing Aid

We Should Have Stuff Like These
Wanting more characters bodies and options
More options for disabled people!

What if it was more like a prop that could be paired with the sit animations?

CLOTHING: Hearing Aid - Disabilities
CLOTHING: A nasal cannula - Disabilities
CLOTHING: Prothetics - Disabilities
CLOTHING: Oxygen Tank - Disabilities
CLOTHING: Trach - Disabilities
PROP: Cane - Disabilities

That’s what I was thinking!
Because on the story im working on now, I need a wheelchair for a hospital scene, so I was going to use multiple overlays to make it happened
But I had that thought, it should be a prop


Please remember to like so Episode will take our desire for this sort of diversity seriously. :slight_smile:


This is such a good idea! It would be so helpful in many stories! And I agree with what you said, It would really make stories more diverse!


I agree. Thinks such as hearing aids should be added to the wardrobe (in both INK and LL) and things such as wheelchairs and oxygen tanks should be added as props with respective animations (ex. movement with wheelchair and pulling an oxygen tank)


I’m glad you agree! :slight_smile: If you have time, please go like the posts for the items you’d like to see. Otherwise this is unlikely to be implemented.


I support. Some users have custom wheelchair overlays but if it was officially released, it would save so much time.


I need a wheelchair overlay for my story :persevere::persevere: I agree.



Found this on a free PNG site, hope it works for you but if not you can always look for your own overlays on places like pngtree.com or google " wheelchair illustration" or “wheelchair vector” etc.


You’re my hero



kuuurt omg


This would be really handy!


Bumping this! Btw, has anyone got any ideas how I could do it with overlays in a Classic story? There is no sit animation, so unless I zoom or have the legs out of scene, it’s really difficult. It is something I want to implement, though.


SUPPORT!! we never get anything with disabilities, it makes me so upset :frowning:


support :smiley:


Why must you bring Chris Colfer into this?


Look at him. He’s excited about disability props.




This would be such a great idea! :grin: