Overlay woes - too many?

So I have an overlay that I’m putting and it will appear in EVERY OTHER place I put it except this opening scene.

So I have an opener with a phone that should be cracked that plays bits of a video that static in and out.

So, unfortunately, I have a lot of overlay going on. It should go


The thing is, when I try to use spot directing to bring it forward, whether bring to front or +1 layer, it won’t show. Is there a limit? Or something I’m overlooking?

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No, there’s no limit. It may be more laggy on devices, but that’s definitely not enough to crash it. I’ve got something very similar in my own story. Can you send a picture of your script and a picture of what it currently looks like?

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Maybe send the other overlays back a layer? There’s no limit.

I’m not entirely sure (because I’m still trying to get a handle on overlays myself) … but could it be the opacity?

Usually when you create an overlay, you have to set the opacity to 100% - so that it will be visible (or even set it to 0% (invisible) until you want it to be visible, and then you could set it 100%)

Unfortunately this didn’t work.

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I’ve tried resetting the opacity the layers the everything…Didn’t do a thing. I tried removing an overlay to see if it was interfering with this one (don’t know why it would, but hey.) Nothing. I may have to think of another solution.

The overlay is still in review but that shouldn’t be an issue at this stage, should it?
Is it more likely that maybe something went bonanza in the upload?

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That would not be an issue at all. The only issue with reviews is when overlays are rejected, because once they’re rejected, you cannot see them (because they show up blank in your previews). Since yours is still in review, that is definitely not a problem.

Unlikely. If they’re appearing fine in your overlay catalog, you don’t have to worry about their upload.

As Winter said, it’d be easier to see a ss of your script. We might be able to spot an error somewhere or edit your script for you to make it work.

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I actually ended up just taking them all out and putting them all in one at a time (previewing each after) and that fixed whatever the script was ornery about. But thank you!!

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Hmm this is a mystery. When you click on the spot director and then “switch overlay” … do you see a dotted line around where the overlay is? If you have multiple overlays in your script, they can sometimes end up offscreen … and Sometimes the overlay is offscreen and you have to drag it onto the screen … just a thought :thought_balloon:

I did and it was zoomed and rotated and where it needed to be.

I honestly am at a loss but it worked just fine after I went back and added them all one at a time. sigh Who knows?

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Yeah these things can cause so much stress! If it eventually worked, then awesome! :tada::tada::sparkling_heart:

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