Overlay won’t show, please help


I know the sizing is big, but I just need the overlay to come in, in order for me to resize & it & shift and all that but It won’t come



What zone is it in? if it’s in zones 2-4 you need to add the
“in zone 2/3/4” at the end of the shifts to blah blah blah”


I’m guessing 1, but howcome in the rest of th overlays I didn’t have to add the zone?


we’ll try switching all the &’s to @


Should I change the @ to and & ?


So on the overlays where it says
&overlay blah blah
see if putting
@overlay works .


It didn’t still


So rosalinda & jason are in zone 1? can I see your full script with error included?


It actually doesn’t mark it as an error, I just uploaded the overlay today so it hasn’t been approved yet.


okay so jason and rose are both in zone 1 right ?


Yes, even though I havn’t put that in the script I think but yes it’s only a 2 zone backround


@Apes a little help here? :slight_smile:


Did you test it in the app?


Yes, I just figured it out it was wayy to big & offscreen I guess I couldn’t find it so I set different numbers thank you for coming in though!