Overlay wont shift to where I want it to

I can’t seem to get my overlay to work. I have my flashlight overlay in my characters hand and I want it to be moved down to the bottom of the screen as she “drops it”. Here’s what I have:

@overlay FLASHLIGHT EPISODE OVERLAY scales to 1.004 1.004 in 0
@overlay FLASHLIGHT EPISODE OVERLAY opacity 1 in 0
@overlay FLASHLIGHT EPISODE OVERLAY rotates 252 anchor point 0 0 in 0
@remove Flashlight Metal Blue from WILLOW
@overlay FLASHLIGHT EPISODE OVERLAY shifts to 178 342 in zone 2 in 0
@pause for a beat
I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing…
&overlay EPISODE FLASHLIGHT OVERLAY shifts to 178 1 in zone 2 in 4
@overlay EPISODE FLASHLIGHT OVERLAY rotates -20 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0

Hopefully someone can help me!

I also keep getting a warning that says: WRITER WARNING. Writer error when using EPISODE FLASHLIGHT OVERLAY for overlay animation. Please create overlay in stage view first.

Nevermind guys im just dumb

I had the same problem but I don’t even know overlay shifts and get confused in the tutorial the only commands that don’t confuse me are…
@(character name) enters from right to center AND (character name) faces right
it can’t get any more simple for me then that
I mean I had trouble getting someone to hold a baby.
I think in this case what you did looks right to me but I don’t really know much.



K I just checked the episode art catalog and i didn’t see a flashlight in the overlays

Did u create an overlay or was your character carrying one and you wanted her to put it on a table or something?

Oops I didn’t keep reading the chats facepalm
Hope you got it!

I’m also realizing my grammer errors in the first replay I sent -another facepalm-

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