Overlay won't show up :(

Here’s my script…

Before Katherine can react Parker throws Katherine over his shoulder.

@overlay LEGS create
@overlay LEGS shifts to 12 200 in zone 1
@overlay LEGS scales to 1.961 1.961
@overlay LEGS moves to layer 1
@overlay LEGS opacity 1 in 0

It won’t show up at all. Not even as a choice in my directing help when “change overlays” is clicked.

What background are you using?

One I made

Hmm can you maybe send me the overlay so I can try if it’s working for me? Because the script looks fine…

next to the background did you put with (And the overlay name?)

@overlay LEGS opacity 1 in 0
The “in 0” isn’t supposed to be there if you don’t want the overlay to fade into the scene
It should look like this
@overlay LEGS opacity 1

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