Overlays and Backgrounds...A LOT OF THEM

Hello! This is going to be a really weird and kind of long request…for people who do overlays. Does anyone have a bacon overlay? Or can anyone make a bacon overlay? I’d also like wand overlays, book overlays, and overlays that resemble powers. Like a ball of fire, water, ice…and anything that may resemble mist. In addition to that, I was wondering if anyone had any sword overlays. I was also looking for backgrounds. If anyone had a dorm hallway background or a dorm room background…that would also be helpful too! I also need training equipment overlays. Like armour. Different home backgrounds would be helpful. Whoever responds doesn’t have to have ALL of these. But it’d be nice if someone could point me in the direction of someone who has an art shop with stuff like this. Thank you! And I hope everyone enjoys their day. If I need anything else…I’ll respond to this.


Is this okay? :sob:

That would actually do wonders :joy: :joy: Thank you!!!

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Haha, I was trying to find a sizzling hot and cooked bacon but I couldn’t ;(

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I take that back, just found one lmaooo

I checked, they’re both free to use! You’re just going to have to use remove.bg to take the white background that forum curses PNGS with

Thank you so much!

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Hey! Just realized I need something else everyone! Does anyone have a dark academia hallway I could use? Or just a dark hallway?

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Try @/flowergriefer’s stuff, she might have some