Overlays and downloading PNG's

I’ve been struggling with finding and downloading PNG’s for my story. Either I can’t find what I’m looking for or I can’t find one that will load to episode. So I thought that I’d open a line for people to share where they get their’s from, who made them, or sites they browse. If you have overlays and backgrounds up for public use, share your link here. Plus, let’s all remember to give credit where it’s due and if you use someone else’s artwork in your story, make sure to mention them in your story. No piracy (so to speak).

Currently I’m working on a story whose characters use magic so I’m looking for png’s that help get that image across. So far the best I can do is use the (@transition fade in to color) or the camera shake effect, so if anyone has thoughts, lay 'em on me.

For overlays I usually use:

  1. stickpng.com

  2. nobacks.com

  3. pngmart.com

If none of these websites are doin’ it for ya, you can search up “Magic effects transparent” on google. :grin:

*All the images on each website are free with no watermarks. If the images are too big you can resize them with resizeimage.net . If your image has some kind of brand logo i would recommend cutting it out because Episode usually rejects that stuff.


Awesome thank you for sharing, I’ll be sure to check out your suggestions and I hope other’s find it helpful too.

No problem, glad I could help! :slight_smile:

Google --> Search your Image --> Hit the tools button next to the setting button after you search the image --> Hit the Color button it’ll have a drop down --> Click transparent, They will only show images with transparent backgrounds. Most of the images will lead to the website @CatlliesM posted
EDIT: some are not png though

If I’m desperate and can’t find what i need, I’ll usually crop/erase out backgrounds using gimp or something


For my overlays and edits i use ibis PaintX for phone (it’s free and availible for both iphone and android). For overlays you just have to erase the background of the image with the eraser and save it as png. It’s also great for edits

Hope i helped<3

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How do you make like tattoo overlays?

@backgroundfactory on instagram has a lot of backgrounds and overlays. If you don’t have instagram this is her linktree linktr.ee/backgroundfactory.

And I also get backgrounds and overlays from



Thanks :slight_smile:

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@Livsen1998 i can show you if you DM me on Instagram: scarlet_writes

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I’m not a big fan of insta… But i got the help i needed so thank you sooooo much :slight_smile:

you’re wellcome

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