Overlays, and overlays help needed

i need a blanket overlay

and some limb overlays

And i need help placing them

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What type of limb?

a arm like they are throwing fire balls

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it does not have the limb i am looking for but it is very helpful

ok so the limg i need is from the animation walk forward eyes closed

Hi how do I use limb overlays to cover my character’s original limbs? help needed URGENTLY

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ive been working on this stuff so i can help some. what over lay are you doing

oh yeah and you can go to show helpers, and press spot directing and it should say character placement which is for characters, and overlay placement (i think thats what it says) and it will help you place overlays. and you put the over lay in the layer before the characters if that makes sense.

hi so I have limb overlays but I don’t know how to cover my character’s original limbs with them when I make her kiss another character? HELP URGENTLY NEEDED!!

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I can help you with that. Which character is in front? it would be better if she was under the males layer (for example ( @ FEMALE CHARACTER stands screen center in/at layer 0 @MALE CHARACTER stands screen center in/at layer 1) then you could place your overlay using the command @addOVERLAYNAME then move it to the place you want like you do the character sorry if it is a bit confusing :sweat_smile:

I need help… I got them to kiss but im lost

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I’m very confused

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describe how you want the overlays. and I could help more

i got it thanks

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